National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP)

NALIP seeks to change media culture by advocating and promoting the professional needs of Latinx artists in media. They have an extensive membership and hold numerous high-profile events throughout the year. Standing at the forefront of political change, NALIP always seeks to push the boundaries in form and function of their websites. There is an incorrect assumption that you are limited in scope when using the NationBuilder platform. Every page of NALIP's main organization website has a unique and complex layout and the site features a custom-built directory filter. Fed directly from custom form fields, visitors to the site can feed filter for a vast array of criteria to find a specific member with the professional skills they seek.

NALIP's newest endeavor is Latinx Gold Open, which focuses on opening weekend for movies and television showcasing members of the Latinx community. While more simple in scope, the website features a custom Javascript filter for the various events they are promoting.

One of the main events of the year is the NALIP Media Summit. This site features a custom-built Javascript filter to find speakers by name or date of their presentation.

Services Provided

  • Development
  • NationBuilder
  • Custom Javascript

As a non profit organization, we prioritize working with Alison Shuman for our year round events as she works well with our small but mighty team, she is accessible and understands the process but most importantly understands NALIP's mission to advance and promote underrepresented artists across media and entertainment. She is a true professional, from first meeting to final design, her work has been of the highest caliber and it has allowed our organization to have a much deeper engagement with our community.

Liliana Espinoza · Projects Director · National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP)