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At heart, I am a storyteller. Drawing on my background in journalism and photography, I combine clear and concise text, powerful imagery, and the latest web tools to create a web experience that tells an engaging and effective story. My design aesthetic is clean and elegant, and will never overshadow the most important aspect of the site – your organization!

When not at my desk, I can be found on my yoga mat, photographing my neighborhood, or in the kitchen whipping up a new batch of pickles or kimchi.

{ NationBuilder }

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As a NationBuilder Architect & Expert, I can not only design and program a beautiful website for your organization, but I can also help you get the absolute most out of the NationBuilder platform. As a website, communication, and finance tool all together in one, NationBuilder is in a league of its own. With it you can integrate social media, send email blasts, fundraise for your cause, keep track of growth, and much more. To learn more, check out the NationBuilder website.

{ Testimonials }

Working with Alison was great. She is as efficient as she is creative, and she translated our vision into reality perfectly. Thanks to her efforts we were able to connect with our target audiences and successfully achieve our community group's funding goal. I wholeheartedly recommend Alison.

Adam Sweet :: Daylight Mill Creek

Alison’s ability to pack a punch by combining powerful images with language dense text was exactly what our nonprofit science research institute needed to upgrade our website.  It was her clean visual aesthetic that first caught my eye but her dedication to intuitive function keeps me coming back. I happily use her for regular website tune-ups and recommend her to anyone who will listen.

Rhianna Basore :: Scintillon Institute

{ Latest Work }


Friends of the Palo Alto Children's Theatre

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For the Friends of the Palo Alto Children's Theatre's (FOPACT) website, I wanted to create a site that was informational, yet also reflected the fun nature of this children's theatre in Silicone Valley. Combining big, bold images of theatre productions, a lively color palate, and marquee-style fonts, the website provides parents with the info they need and entices kids to be a part of this great organization.


Micah Challenge USA

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Micah Challenge USA came to me with a very specific target demographic- active Christian millennials. They wanted a minimalist site, heavy on imagery and graphic text. We decided on a crisp, modern typeface used as much for graphic styling as content. Each page features a unique header that highlights one of the organization's many great causes.


Scintillon Institute

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The Scintillon Institute contacted me because they wanted a compelling, image-driven site to compliment their innovative and forward-thinking biomedical and bioenergy research facility. A full-screen image slideshow comprises the homepage, introducing the user to the various research areas of the institute. Every page then features a different full-screen, dynamic image as the backdrop, and elements placed over the image have a slightly translucent quality, allowing the image to shine through.


Fed Up New Yorkers

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The new, monthly, lefty political newspaper, Fed Up New Yorkers, wanted a site where users could not only read their original content and the best of left-leaning news on the internet, but also to become involved in their mission to actually affect the political sphere. The site was designed to present material in a clean and uncluttered way, and to provide opportunities to get involved throughout the site, such as joining the group, subscribing to RSS, finding out who their representatives are, connecting with social media, donating to the cause, and more. A patriotic color theme was used as a subtle undertone throughout the site.


Daylight Mill Creek

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When the Keepers of Mill Creek needed to gain support for their efforts to reconnect Mill Creek to the Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Canada, they needed a site and brand identity that reflected their cause and engaged and encouraged users to get involved. I combined an earthy color scheme, old-world style fonts, and stunning images of the area to evoke a feeling of environmental and historical importance. The homepage utilized the long-scrolling format, with information presented in bite-sized parts that flowed one after the other until the user reaches the bottom of the page, which resembles a river seafloor.

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I begin all my projects with a thorough understanding of my client’s organization- their specific field of knowledge, their goals, and their competitors.

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{ design }

Beyond color and composition, an effective design combines eye-catching aesthetics with intuitive information design and engaging user interactivity.

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{ programming }

Clean, robust code. This means that your site will adhere to the latest web standards and function properly on all modern browsers and on every device.

{ additional services }

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{ branding }

Having a complete brand identity is essential. To create a fully cohesive look, Alison Shuman Media offers a complete set of design services including logo, print, and social media.

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{ grant writing }

Do you have endless passion for your cause, but trouble capturing that passion on paper? Let me help you give your proposal that extra boost it needs to stand out from the competition.

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{ video/photo editing }

Visual media is key. I can help you choose your strongest images and retouch them to perfection or edit your video and optimize it for the web.

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